Whenever somebody asks me “What kind of art do you do?”, I tend to struggle for an answer. “Cartoony, collage-y, mixed media stuff” might be the answer you get. Real intelligent, huh?

I guess the best way I can describe these pieces is to say that they are puzzles that I am trying to solve. How they turn out and what they end up being is led by an idea or a feeling. Sometimes it starts with an idea that I’ve drawn in my sketchbook, a piece of writing or something I’ve overheard, like a piece of conversation. Once I have the idea, I start playing and mix it with various things I have on hand around my studio that, when combined, help to solve and complete that puzzle or thought. I usually have no idea how a piece is going to turn out or what it’s going to look like until I really get into it — and even then, it can change. I love that. I love not knowing and the surprise and/or discovery that happens in the end.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.