Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the Heartless Bastards

To say music has played a significant role in my life would be an understatement, perhaps. From a young age, I've always been pretty influenced by what I'm listening to. When I was younger, playing the violin, the classical music I listened to filled my heart. The more I listened to, the more I wanted to understand and learn to play. Although I eventually gave up the violin so I could focus on art stuff, my love of music never left. Like most people, I have my faves that I could listen to over and over (and never get tired of hearing), but I also love hearing new stuff. I especially love it when friends of mine recommend something new. Which brings me to the Heartless Bastards. My friend Rachel saw them in concert not too long ago in Lawrence, KS and loved them. After hearing them, she passed their 2006 cd, All This Time, onto me and I immediately wanted to hear more. I recently found their first cd at Half Price Books, which I scooped up and like just as well. On June 2nd, we're seeing them here in KC at The Record Bar. I can hardly wait! (Tickets are still available, by the way.)



Kirsten said...

I love the music - and the band name. Thanks for the recommendation! Let us know how the show is...

May 25, 2007 10:07 PM  

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